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Power HD have announced the release of their Mugen MTC2 specific servo S15-M. [2021-11-12 16:07:53]


With the integrated mount and reverse receiver wire output, this S15-M could perfectly mount to the Mugen MTC2 directly. 
Having lower gravity center and neater wiring, S15-M is superior in performance just like the S15, could be programmed with Power HD program box PG-CB63, and set your favorite parameter according to different tracks, to get better lap time and steering. 
S15-M will coming soon, stay tuned!
* 7075+303 imported steel gear  
* Japanese NOBLE potentiometer  
* High voltage brushless motor, compatible with 6.0-8.4V
* Upgraded PCB, support SSR, SUR ultra-high speed mode  
* Two years' warranty after shipping
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