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Congratulations to Power HD team driver [2023-05-05 14:30:42]

Kilic Brothers RC swept the 1/8 eBuggy European Championships warm up, with Power HD servo T50!


GDC on-road opening race kicked off at the Labor Day holiday in Foshan, China. More than 100 factory team drivers from all over the country and Southeast Asia took part in the event.
Team Power HD scored the Top 3 and team championship。
GARY HUANG, the 2nd
Alfred Lao, the 3rd 
Jonathan Yeung took the TQ and WIN of both 1/8 Nitro buggy and 1/8 EP Buggy in Laliwarehouse x dot. 3D Factory Round 3 race.
1/8 EP Buggy TQ&A1 and overall series Champion, use Power HD servo S35 servo in steering
1/8 Nitro Buggy TQ&A1 and overall series 2nd place, use Power HD new servo GTS-6 in both steering and throttle. 
Meen Vejra win the 1/8 nitro GP of Hotrace Asia Cup Race 2023 at Tom Racing Circuit.
Power HD sponsor the 5.2 Shenzhen KRC new track activity to help cultivate the new generation of RC hobby.


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