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Power HD have announced the release of their Yokomo BD12 specific servo S15-Y [2023-05-16 13:14:01]
With the integrated CNC mount, this S15-Y could directly mount to the Yokomo BD12, prefectly match the original servo mount screw hole.  The reverse receiver wire output offer neater wiring for the BD12, contribute to lower gravity center.  Having the same superior performane just like S15, the S15-Y could be programmed with Power HD progrm box PG-CB63, to set your favorite parameter according to the different tracks, to get better lap time and steering.  S15-Y is compatible with Yokomo BD12 and BD11. This specific servo is coming soon, stay tuned.
* 7075+303 imported steel gear
* Japanese NOBLE potentiometer
* High voltage brushless motor, compatible with 6.0-8.4V
* Gold plating PCB, support SSR, SUR ultra-high speed mode
* Two years' warranty after shipping
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