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Power HD have introduced the specific program box PG-CB63 [2021-09-06 09:35:38]
Product Functions:
1. servo parameters setting
2. computer connection setting
3. servo testing
● program box PG-CB63 has built-in high-performance 32-bit micro processing, small size, easy operation.
● to set servo parameter by connecting the program box, so that the servo could adapt to different track conditions
● program box could store 20 sets different servo parameters
●program box could adjust central poinit, to make sure the chassis' left and right angle is more consistent
●Servo Testing: servos' board band and narrow band PWM testing function
● Default: one-button restore to factory parameters function
● apply to a variety of Power HD servos with PGB, PGC tag, like belows:
B7-RS,R12-S,M8,M8 Pro,M8H,GTS-3,GTS-5,GTS-6,GTS-7.
Version1.2 program box upgraded software download address:
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